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Even the great ones need help from time to time. Roll your cursor over the small banners, and social media logos to the left, and help the Doc get that motor running and those lights on! Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes, and You are the one! Need to get a hold of the Doc? Email him..
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The year was 1980 and we find Chris "the Doc" Ingrassia doing what he does best.. fixing his friend's Mustangs and tweaking them to hit record speeds in the quarter mile.

Now, over 30 years later, nothing has changed.. Chris' current customers become his friends, the patients he operates on still rip, win first place trophies, set record auction prices & are just fun as hell to drive! EACH Mustang always has the Doc's special touches applied. The Doc is always IN!

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Chris' crew has been hand selected over 30 years to include some of the most skilled Mustang doctors around. Three of his sons work with him (two of them are twins), as does his beautiful wife Lylette and his 85 year old father.

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